WAMI Awards Nominations FAQ




Stay tuned to wamimusic.com for further information on online voting for the 2019 WAMI Awards

Please read the information regarding the WAMI Awards Nominations listed below. This area will include General Rules and other information that may be helpful in answering your questions. As Frequently Asked Questions and associated answers accumulate, they will be posted at the bottom of this page. If you don’t see your question/concern about this year’s categories, the nomination/voting process, or an answer to it, please contact awardsshow@wamimusic.com, a WAMI Executive Committee member, or stop in at a WAMI event and ask any WAMI Awards Show Committee member in person. We’ll be happy to help.

Feel free to also post your voting process-related questions at the bottom of this page. Please refrain from artist endorsements on any of the voting pages.


Thanks and please visit the WAMI website for regular updates.



The WAMI Executive Committee, Board of Directors and Awards Show Committee

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  1. You must be a registered WAMI Member in good standing to vote/nominate. If you wish to purchase a new membership, or renew your existing membership, please visit: http://wamimusic.com/join/join-wami-2/new-renew-membership/
  2. You must enter your WAMI Membership ID to Login. This number is found on your Membership ID Card. If you do not have your card, please contact  membership@wamimusic.com to verify your WAMI membership status and obtain your ID number.
  3. You must also enter the email address that you used when purchasing or renewing your membership. If your membership is part of a Band/Business Membership, please be sure that you or the “MEMBERSHIP PURCHASER” has entered or updated unique information for each member. If this process is not completed, please visit:  http://wamimusic.com/join and do so before proceeding.

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Valid ballot submissions must contain the following:

  • A vote in each of the 6 Major Categories (Section I).
  • A vote in 4 of the 17 Genre Categories. (Section II).
  • A vote in 1 of the Instrument Categories. (Section III).
  • A vote in 1 of the Industry Categories (Section IV).
  • The second choice in each Category is optional and should be different from your first choice. However, remember that a substantial number of similar second choices may result in a new Category winner.

(Summarily, ballots will have a minimum of 12 total votes.)

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  1. A “Wisconsin Artist/Group” is defined as having a residence in the State of Wisconsin for at least half of the prior year.
  2. An “Album” is defined as a collection of 6 or more songs released together, under a title, during the prior year in either digital or hard-copy format.
  3. A “Song” is defined as a musical number with a specific song title released during the prior year in either digital or hard-copy format.
  4. “Genres” are somewhat-subjective terms. Artists/Bands are categorized by those who nominate them using the predefined available categories and will be entered as such except in cases where it is clear to the Board of Directors that an artist is miss-cast in a genre (example, a Jazz artist nominated to the Rock category).  In such a case, we will research the act to determine closest fit.

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  1. Artist of the Year
  2. Album of the Year
  3. Song of the Year
  4. Female Vocalist of the Year
  5. Male Vocalist of the Year
  6. New Artist of the Year


  1. Alternative Rock / Rock
  2. Pop / Rock
  3. Hard Rock
  4. Blues
  5. Bluegrass / Americana
  6. Rap / Hip Hop
  7. Jazz
  8. Country
  9. Soul / R&B
  10. World / Reggae /Ska / Latin
  11. Folk / Celtic
  12. Tribute
  13. Cover Band
  14. Christian / Gospel
  15. Horn Band / Big Band
  16. Polka
  17. Club DJ / Dance / Electronic
  18. Singer / Songwriter
  19. Rising Star (Age 18 and Under)


  1. Drummer of the Year
  2. Guitarist of the Year
  3. Keyboard Player of the Year
  4. Bassist of the Year
  5. Reeds / Brass Player of the Year
  6. Stringed Instrument Player of the Year


  1. Best Recording Studio
  2. Best Engineer / Producer

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Please Note — WAMI evaluates genre categories every year for opportunities to isolate or merge.  Merging genres is not always a neat fit, or entirely comfortable with the artists themselves, but it is necessary in order to keep the amount of categories manageable.  Increasingly, the Music Industry adds genres, sub-genres, and hybrid-genres.  In effect, the process is increasingly complex.  We analyze WAMI Member Voting to determine interests and trends; therefore categories are a direct reflection of voter choices.  However, WAMI will take recommendations from artists about the fit of any merging that is done, and it will be analyzed and changed if it is deemed the merge was too unwieldy or unfair (this can only be done after votes come in, and comments, and we look at the returns and numbers).  All recommendations will receive due diligence as nothing is more important to this organization than the voice of the Artist.