Past Winners


This will be an ongoing list of WAMI Award Winners by year with information about them. PLEASE NOTE: WAMI Award Winners are honored at the show in spring of each year (listed here) for their musical achievements in the previous calendar year.


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2018 WAMI Award Winners (2018 Show)

2017 WAMI Award Winners (2017 Show)

2016 WAMI Award Winners (2016 Show) 

2015 WAMI Award Winners (2015 Show)


2013 WAMI Award Winners (2013 Show) 

2012 WAMI Award Winners (2012 Show)

2011 WAMI Award Winners (2011 Show)

2010 WAMI Award Winners (2010 Show)

2009 WAMI Award Winners (2009 Show)

2008 WAMI Award Winners (2008 Show)


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