We are pleased to announce that WAMI’s new Online Membership Registration/Renewal System is now live! If you are interested in joining WAMI or renewing your membership, please see JOIN>Join WAMI>Purchase New/Renew Membership.


As last year, Individual Memberships can be purchased or renewed for $30Bands or Businesses can purchase or renew Memberships including 2-6 members for $100. All Band/Business Memberships give each person registered the Individual Benefits of Membership, including WAMI Awards Nomination privileges, special event discounts, etc. Bands/Businesses can add additional Members beyond the original 6 for $15 each.


Methods of Payment: WAMI accepts checks, money orders or PayPal online as methods of payment. Please note, if paying with check or money order your membership will not be active until payment has been processed. Please allow 1-2 weeks for Membership processing. Cash payments are accepted in-person at any WAMI event. See the Events Calendar for further details. Band Members associated with Memberships purchased at WAMI events and paid for with cash will need to be added afterward by the Responsible Party for that Membership. Because of time constraints, this cannot be done by the WAMI Membership Committee at events.


All Membership Purchasers: Please watch the email you used during registration for PayPal and other transaction details.


Band/Business Membership Purchasers: To add/enter/validate additional Memberships, you will need the PayPal Transaction Number included in your PayPal Email Purchase Verification. Memberships purchased or renewed and paid for with check or money order made payable to “Wisconsin Area Music Industry” will be required to enter the check or money order number. Memberships paid for with cash at events will be given a special “Cash Code” to identify their purchase. All Band/Business will be required to enter the purchasers Name and Email and the Band/Business Name used during registration for verification as well.


Mail Check or Money Order to:

Wisconsin Area Music Industry
PO Box 510826
Milwaukee, WI 53202-0816


After a 2012 Band/Business Membership has been purchased and processed, a qualified representative of the Band/Business has the ability to enter specifically-required (New) and/or updated Member information (Renewal) into the 2012 WAMI BAND/BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP ADD SINGLE MEMBERS FORM. Go to JOIN>Join WAMI>Add Band/Business Member. It is advised that before beginning the process, you have the complete information required for membership from each Band/Business Member you wish to register. It will be the same as what was required of you during purchase.


PLEASE NOTE: The system was just launched and has been thoroughly tested. However, If you experience any difficulties with this form or the purchase/registration process, please contact Be as specific as possible when describing the issue. Include the date/time, what operating system, browser, browser version you are using and any error messages you receive. This will help speed the process of resolving the issue.

If you get any errors that “Information already exists”, when adding band members, please just append a -2, -3, -4, -5, -6, etc. to the Band/Business Name, check number, email name, website URL, etc. or whatever information field is generating the error name. Unique Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers and Emails are desired. (ST 10/17/2011)


Thank you for your interest in WAMI Membership, and for your patience in this time of transition.




The WAMI Membership Committee
Steve Tomczyk
WAMI Board of Directors, Website Administrator