WAMI Meeting: Using Multi-Media and Organizations to Support Local Musicians



WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) Meeting:
Using Multi-Media and Organizations to Support Local Musicians
Wednesday February 21st, 2018
7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Kam's Corner Tap/Kam's Thistle and Shamrock
3438 N. 84th Street Milwaukee

Description: Build your fan base through local multi-media and collaboration! Panelists will discuss how the use of podcasts, on-line radio, written and live interviews, and programs can be used to promote local musicians. Also, discussion on how specific causes/organizations collaborate with musicians to raise awareness for community causes.  

Liz Darner - Horicon Phoenix Program President
Liz has been a part of the Horicon Phoenix Program since 2012, and has been president since 2014. She’s been instrumental in the development and execution of the Jersey Street Music Festival since its inception in 2013. Liz is an avid local music fan and regularly attends shows to support the local music scenes in Milwaukee, Madison and the Fox Valley.

The Jersey Street Music Festival was created in 2013 to bring the community of Horicon together by celebrating local, diverse music. Our goal is to present a wide variety of music, focusing on local and regional talent. The combination of talented musicians, tireless volunteers, and devoted attendees has created a community of local music fans who help us provide a culture unmatched in any other community in our area. 

Evan Rytlewski has been the music editor for the Shepherd Express since 2006. His writing appears regularly on Pitchfork and the The A.V. Club, and he can be heard most Wednesdays at noon as the co-host of WMSE 91.7FM’s culture talk show The Disclaimer. Follow him on Twitter at @evanryt.

Kent Waush from The Great Unknown Radio 
On-line radio format that features only local and regional original independent rock bands only from Wisconsin. We are your source for local and regional independent rock music, whether that be acoustic, indie, or the hard stuff, we are your home for everything that needs to be heard.

Moderator Thea Morton Vorass: local musician, original music junkie, local music supporter and co-host of Music Review Roulette & Amplified Artist Sessions