There are a number of upcoming events for which WAMI could use volunteers to assist with various music-related tasks. For our current Members, when you joined WAMI, there were several check-boxes for you to express your interest in various volunteer opportunities. Below is a list of upcoming WAMI events, dates, times and locations (when possible), the various areas where we could use your time and talent and the WAMI Board Subcommittee contacts that are chairing the event a or portion of it:


If you are interested in lending a hand with any of these fun and challenging volunteer opportunities, please send an email to and include the “EVENT KEY PHRASE” below in the subject line of the email when you reply. Also if you have any areas of specific interest or related skills, please let us know.


P.S. Non-WAMI Members are also welcome to volunteer.


Thanks for considering assisting WAMI, and we look forward to working with you at a future event!



The WAMI Executive Committee, and Board of Directors


2013 WAMI Award Nomination Party KEY PHRASE: “WAMI-NOM-PARTY”
Sunday, March 24, 2013 Time and location TBA

2013 WAMI DOWNTOWN ALIVE KEY PHRASE: “WAMI-DOWNTOWN ALIVE” – Old World Third Street, Milwaukee, WI, Saturday April 13, 2013. Venues TBA
(Downtown Alive will have several similar needs as the Awards Show Subcommittees designated by a * below.)

2013 WAMI AWARDS SHOW COMMITTEE – Tuner Hall, Milwaukee, WI, Sunday April 14, 2013.

  • Hall Of Fame, Band and Presenter Selection Subcommittee – KEY PHRASE: “WAMI-AWARDS-HOF/BAND/PRESENTER”
  • Ticketing/Awards/Nominee Certificates Subcommittee – KEY PHRASE: “WAMI-AWARDS-TICKETING”
  • *Marketing, Promotion, Social Media, Website Subcommittee (Includes photography and videography.) – KEY PHRASE: “WAMI-AWARDS-MARKETING”
    • *Marketing, Posters and Graphics Subcommittee – KEY PHRASE: “WAMI-AWARDS-POSTERS-GRAPHICS”
  • Ad Sales, Printed Program Sponsor Outreach Subcommittee – KEY PHRASE: “WAMI-AWARDS-ADS-PROGRAM-SPONSORS”
  • *Sound and Stage Crew Subcommittee – KEY PHRASE: “WAMI-AWARDS-SOUND-STAGE”

If you have any questions regarding volunteering for the events, or associated responsibilities please contact WAMI at, and/or stop in at a WAMI General Meeting in your area, and be sure to visit for event information updates.