Record Producer Round Table November 15th

Record Producers - How to choose em, use em, lose em

November 15th

6:45 p.m. to 8:45 p.m.

Kam’s Corner Tap  / Kam’s Thistle and Shamrock

3438 N. 84th Street

Milwaukee, WI


Record Producers: How to choose 'em, use 'em, or lose 'em!

Most musicians know what a record producer's role is, but how do you find the right producer for your musical project? Is it really that important?

In this WAMI meeting, Ian Ash will talk with a panel of record producers about how to approach producers, how to choose them according to your needs, and what you should expect out of working with a good producer- it's so much more than just making your record sound great. 

How do you find them, make sure they're right for you, and make sure the relationship progresses into a good one? How much should they be paid, and how much control should they have over your music? Can you really produce yourself objectively and do without them? How can you tell if the process is going right?

Ian will discuss these questions with a panel of producers so you can get the perspective of both artist and producer. Bring your own questions for open Q & A!

Panelists include: Eric LaBrosse (Owner/Producer/Engineer at Cherry Pit Studios), Kevin Arndt (Producer/Engineer/Mixer at The Exchange Recording Complex) and Gary Tanin ((Record producer/Engineer at Planet Green Productions/ Daystorm Music)

This meeting is FREE and open to EVERYONE.