The December 2012 WAMI General Meeting was held at the Horny Goat Hideaway in Milwaukee. It was the first in a series of presentations called “Giggin’ The Technical Aspects”.  The series will go over some basic areas of stage management from Lighting to Stage Plots.  This first meeting, in the series, was “Stage Lighting 101” designed to educate you on the different types of lighting and uses.  Matt Fett, from Stage Pro Entertainment, explained the different types of lighting and their uses along with hosting a Q/A session after.


Matt covered the different types of lighting such as LED, Incandescent, and HID.  Along with the different types of fixtures they are used in.  Everything from a basic light the stage to set the mood and highlight the performer to lighting fixtures that are programmable and move.


The 30 minute presentation overview included time for general questions, after which the panel was available for individual questions on a one-on-one basis.