Ron has been on the WAMI Board of Directors since 2006 and held the executive position of Secretary from 2008 to 2011. He currently lives in Neenah and is a member of the Cherokee Rose Band, a southern, classic and country rock band.


Todd has been in a number of the bands over the years and currently plays bass and sings backup vocals for blues rock band, Serious Trouble, of which his son, Kyle, is the guitarist. Todd has worked in the construction industry for more than 28 years. He also brings a wealth of state level trade association and nonprofit board leadership experience to his position on the WAMI Board of Directors. Todd looks forward to using his professional experience to help the WAMI organization become more accessible and beneficial for as many bands and musicians as possible.

Kevin Machan



Damien Christ, a.k.a. Brian Krasowski, was born and raised in the heart of the City of Chicago's Southside. Damien tried various instruments throughout his grade school years and after asking his family and asking over and over again, he finally was gifted a drum set at age 14. Even though some of his early drumming reviews included words like: "Appalling", "Ugh", & "WTF", more than 20 years later he's still drumming.  


His career in sales & marketing brought him to Wisconsin in 2002 and after taking some time to check out the music scene he found WAMI.  After attending some general meetings Damien became a member and volunteered his services for a variety of WAMI's events which eventually led to him being officially added to the WAMI Youth Showcase committee. During his time on this committee he helped screen & organize the artists  that were chosen to play as well as aid with logistics during the event.


In late 2014 Damien was invited to a Board of Directors meeting and voted in by the existing board. Even though there were more YES votes than there were board members at the time, the results stood and no recount was done. Damien brings his experience in Sales, Marketing, and Management to the Wisconsin Area Music Industry as well as a very particular set of skills including event planning, booking, integrative barganing, public speaking, and R&D. Damien looks forward to many productive years as a board member for the Wisconsin Area Music Industry.



Jason Lipsky