“Let’s do it!” the wildcat voice cries on the opening moments of the album Fancies of a Random Heart by Annie B. and the Vagabond Company. Annie B.’s unbridled exuberance marks a clarion new voice in Milwaukee rock. … Incisive guitar and a kicking rhythm section seal the deal, from the caffeine jolt of “Coffee Beans” to the retro-strut of Nancy Sinatra’s “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’.”  -Kevin Lynch, The Shepherd Express, Milwaukee


2011 WAMI Award-nominated singer, award-winning video producer, & rock vixen Annie B. along with her band The Vagabond Company, are quickly making a name for themselves in the Milwaukee & Southeastern WI music scene. Annie stands out among over 1,000 female singers in Wisconsin, as she was nominated Female Vocalist of 2011 for a WAMI Award, and runner-up for the Shepherd Express Best of 2011 Female Vocalist Award. Notable appearances include Summerfest, Brady Street Festival, and Music Under Glass, numerous television, radio, and press highlights for the band including Annie on the cover HERLIFE Magazine, and a full-length debut CD garnering airplay all over SE WI, all within the first 9 months of ABVC’s existence.


Annie started her career out on the West Coast. She moved to L.A. in 1999 and headlined L.A.’s best clubs with her band Shut Up Marie for 7 years. S.U.M. picked up college & commercial radio airplay all over the U.S. & appeared in national airplay charts as they were heard on numerous radio stations from New York to L.A. with their 2 CD releases. She relocated to Milwaukee in 2008, and has been since building on that momentum with her new band The Vagabond Company.


The ABVC lineup: Funk bassist “Hollywood” Fred Hughlett, hard-hitting drummer Dave Johnson, and innovative, free-styling guitarist Don Wolfe. Songs offered by Annie B and the Vagabond Co. reflect notions learned throughout the journey of an artist… that life is short, so enjoy every moment, that the journey is really more important than the destination, giving hope to each listener that they will find their own inner peace. Your journey as an audience member will encompass an array of emotion and movement, taking you from a fun pop ditty to a piping hot groove to a mellow, moody trance to an “anthem” rocker, and back around again!


Annie also makes her own contributions to our local art scene. Annie currently hosts & produces an innovative arts showcase series: Milwaukee Artbeat, which is an exploration and showcase of local artists of all types. More can be found at

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Also please take a few minutes to view “Over Me”, a song by Annie B.



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