2014 WAMI Award Winners

2014 WAMI Hall of Fame inductees:

Woody Herman

Janet Planet

Warren Wiegratz


Artist of the year: PHOX

Album of the year: “Repave,” Volcano Choir

Song of the year: “Let You Down,” Vic And Gab

Female vocalist: Lyndsay Evans (Sexy Ester)

Male vocalist: Cory Chisel (Cory Chisel And The Wandering Sons)

New artist: Joe Neary Band

Singer/songwriter: Nora Collins

Rising Star: Bad Habitz

Alternative rock/rock artist: PHOX

Pop rock artist: Vic And Gab

Folk/Celtic artist: Blessed Feathers

Bluegrass/Americana artist: Hugh Bob And The Hustle

Blues artist: Altered Five

Christian/gospel artist: Lightswitch

Country artist: Grand Union

Cover artist: Half Empty

Hard rock/metal artist: Conniption

Hip-hop/rap artist: Pizzle

R&B/soul artist: The People Brothers Band

World/reggae/ska/Latin artist: Unity The Band

Jazz Artist: Nineteen Thirteen

Polka Artist: Steve Meisner

Club DJ/Dance/electronic artist: Antics

Horn/big band: Extra Crispy Brass Band

Tribute band: Separate Ways

Bass player: Conway Powell (Carlos Adames Group, John Frye Band, Tomcat Joe)

Drummer: Andrew Klaus (Shaker And The Egg)

Guitarist: Dean Arndt (Metal Men)

Keyboard player: Danny Moore (Rev Raven & The Chain Smoking Altar Boys, Danny Moore & The Boogie Woogie Flu)

Reeds/brass player: Kevin Klemme (trumpet — Extra Crispy Brass Band, Herman Astro, Tweed Funk)

Strings player: Janet Schiff (cello — Nineteen Thirteen)

Producer: Marc Golde (Rock Garden Studio)

Recording studio: Rock Garden Studio


People’s Choice Awards (Northeast): band — Adams Way; venue — JJ Maloney’s; radio station — WAPL-FM (105.7); music teacher — Mark Budwit

People’s Choice Awards (Southeast): band — Georgia Overdrive; venue — Summer Sounds (Cedarburg); radio station — WYMS-FM (88.9); music teacher — Derek Machan

People’s Choice Awards (Southwest): band — The Pat Watters Band; venue — Taste of Madison; radio station — WCOW-FM (97.1); music teacher — combined with Southeast because of low voting totals